It was nearly 32 years ago in 1979 when The Beastie Boys came on the scene.  Originally they were a hardcore punk band.  It wasn't until 1984 that they made history with their debut album "Licensed to Ill"
as the first white rappers in Hip-Hop.  Talk about breaking the color barrier. 

They smashed it and were well received by the Hip-Hop community.  Now, they're rap legends and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has come knocking.


Beyonce isn't gonna exactly get to totally relax in her final days of pregnancy, thanks to the fact that she's been hit with a 100 million dollar lawsuit.

To make matters worse her legal team recently suffered their first loss in court.


This week a judge over the case rejected her lawyers plea to have the case thrown out.  Press play and find out why and who's suing her.

Meanwhile, Soulja Boy is on the right side of the law this time, filing a lawsuit against his former manager and lawyer.  Soulja is claiming he was taken advantage of.  But it looks like this is gonna be a up-hill battle for him because his former manager is counter suing.

Get all the details with Tha Wire now.  Press play: 

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