"The Boondocks" will be retuning in April on The Cartoon Network, but I am curious as to if he show will work without it's creator and writer being apart of the show.I have every episode of "The Boondocks" and have been following the characters Huey, Riley and the rest of the gang for several years now. I was very excited whenI heard that they were bringing the show back in April. The unfortunate part is that apparently due to scheduling conflicts Aaron Mcgruder, the creator of the show will not be apart of the fourth seson. While this is nothig new, I have seen plenty of networks try to do this and the show's never end of lasting afte changing out some of the key players. I am anticipating how the show will go and I wil definately follow u once the show gets going.

The Boondocks Trailer For Season 4:

The Boondocks Season 3: