Though the show is no longer on television, here's an old episode of the self-refuted dog whisperer, Cesar Millan, having a bad day when his "whisper" doesn't quite work out with an aggressive Labrador Retriever named Holly, because she bite's him.

In the short video Cesar try's to get the dog to become more submissive, because obviously the owners are having some problems with the dog. Well, Holly wasn't to keen with being broken and in the end she seemed to have won the battle when "The Dog Whisperer" reaches to take the dogs food, she snarls and becomes quite defensive. Kind of the same way I attack if someone puts their dirty hands near my food.

After another try to calm the dog and force her into submission once more, Holly isn't having it and she attacks Cesars right hand and draws blood.

I'm gonna ride with the dog on this one, you touch my food and you might draw back a bloody hand as well. I'm just saying, try me.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images