Thursday sleep doctor, Dr. Nadar Kamanager took the stand again and had some harsh words for D. Murray.  Calling his treatment of Michael "Inconceivable", "Unethical", and "disturbing".  The sleep expert told prosecutors Thursday that D.e Murray used Michael as his own personal guinea pig for dangerous medical experiments.

Dr. Kamangar, an adviser for the CA Medical Board, testified that Propofol was never approved for use as a sleep aid.  The doctor claimed Murray's treatment amounted to "an experiment" and referred to the cocktail of drugs that Murray had already given Michael as being a "recipe for disaster" that ultimately killed him.

According to Kamanger, Murray's treatment of Michael amounted to "gross negligence" and that he should have never had given Michael any sedatives either, because Michael was dehydrated.  That means Michael's blood pressure was already low and that's something Murray would have known had he had monitors on the medical equipment he had Michael hooked up to.

The sleep expert continued by saying Propofol should be used with extreme caution because it's unpredictable, especially when used with other sedatives.  Kamangar told the court Murray broke one of the first rules of medicine-putting you patient first, criticizing Murray for withholding info from ER doctors and not calling 911 immediately.

Finally, the persecution called Dr. Steven Shafer, one of the nations leading experts on Propofol to the stand.  Shafer helped craft guidelines for appropriate Propofol dosing for sedation that is included in the packaging of every bottle.