Lil Wayne is going to have a lot to deal with in the coming days.  The family of the teenager Emmett Till are waging war against the rapper for not apologizing for his disrespectful lyrics in the "Karate Chop" remix by Future.


The family of Emmett Till is going after Lil Wayne and his money…..literally.  As previously reported the family of the late teenager was insulted by Weezy’s lyrics in the unreleased remix of Future’s “Karate Chop,” were Wayne rapped, “”beat the p—y up like Emmett Till.” They weren’t happy and shortly after the song hit the airwaves a family rep released a statement on the matter and basically let Lil Wayne know he had crossed the line.  The also made a complete with the Epic about the offensive lyrics and the label pull the song.

Emmett Till and his mother days before he would be viciously murdered-youtube

That being said the family wasn’t the only ones who feel that Wayne was outta line, especially given the horrific way young Emmett was murdered.  At the end of the day, the Till family wanted a public apology from Lil Wayne and they feel they didn’t get one.  So, now it’s on. Last week a rep for the family issued official statement concerning the matter and this is how that went down.

Find out how they plan to hit Weezy in his pockets.  I’ll give you a hint, they aren’t gonna sue.  Listen to Tha Wire below for more details.


In other news, Michael “Mike D” Diamond and Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz of the legendary Beastie Boys have announced they will be creating a memoir focused on the band’s career. According to The New York Times, the book will be a “multidimensional experience” that will tell the story of their lives features tons of photos and much more.  Word has it the group has been talking about doing this for several years however, the declining health Adam “MCA” Yauch put things on hold.  Sadly Adam lost his battle with cancer and died in May last year at the age of 47.

Get the goods on who’ll be editing their new project and when it’ll be available for fans.  It’s all below with Tha Wire.

Finally, The O'Jays are suing the makers of Crown Royal to the tune of $1 million dollars for the unauthorized use of their 73’ hit "For the Love of Money."  According to reports, Eddie Levert, Sr. and Walter Williams, Sr. filed suit, claiming the company's new commercial featuring NBA legend Dr. J is "humiliating" and "demeaning."

Me personally, I thought it was kinda cool, but obviously The O’Jays didn’t.  By the way, the song actually used in the commercial is a track called “Reign On” performed by Big K.R.I.T., however the track samples the O’Jays classic.

Get more info on why the legendary group has such a big problem with the commericial and learn what they had to say about Big K.R.I.T. as well.  Press play now to listen to Tha Wire.