There was alot of controversy with the apparent statement from Legendary Basketball player Michael Jordan that Kobe Bryant was a better player then Kobe Bryant. Alot of folks may agree and some may not. Unfortunately when it comes to the media, some things can get flipped around and words can be taken out of context. For those who want to know the real deal and get the full take on what Michael Jordan said, you can check out the video below with an intense interview with Ahmad Rashad!

It's truly sad when you have to watch everything you say, although there are those who look for drama and will do whatever needs to be done to get it stirred up.

Here is Lebron James Response to the Interview:

It's cool to see the way that Lebron handled the question during a press conference that followed after the interview. Some folks really need to stop blowing things out of proportion and work on better serving the fellow man.