If you are like me you love your grandparents! Let's be real they are there to pacify us and give us things that our parents think we simply do not need. Well if you know how much they mean to you, then get ready to do something positive in our community to help give activities and more to the elders in our city.

The Lake Charles Senior Center(Calcasieu Council of Aging) is having their semi annual benefit fundraiser on Thursday May 30th. Now for those who don't know where it's located, their address is 1530 5th street in Lake Charles. This organization does so much for the elders in our city, by giving them weekly bingo nights, meals, devotion service and so much more to get them out of the house and around other folks like them. This fundraiser was created to help with some of the expenses that are incurred with the up keep of the facility, as well as food, prizes and other items that are benficial to the day to day operation. The benefit will be from 7:30 am til 1 pm and there will be a variety of dinners that will be sold that day like Smoked Chicken for $6.00 or Pork Steak for $7.00. Both of these plates are served with red beans with sausage , rice and corbread. There will be free delivery for orders of 10 or more. So get the office bunch together or plant and city workers come on through and support the center. For more details you can call 337-433-0805. All pre ordered monies will need to be available by Monday May 20th. If you would like to donate items to help or even donate your time, you can also call 337-433-0805.