On Friday September 6th, Big Boy Chill will be live in the Jamz Street Cruiser from 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m., at the Wyman Center's "Wyman Teen Outreach Program" located inside the Sunlight Manner Apartment Complex, at 1938 Winter Halter Street in Lake Charles.

Over the next month the Southwest Louisiana AIDS Council (SLAC) , the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Bureau of Family Services, and Office of Public and Adolescent Health, are partnering with 'The Wyman Teen Outreach Program.' In an effort to help teenagers improve their communication skills, and more.

The 'Changing Scenes Curriculum' is set up to benefit ages 12-17 years-old, and teach's teen's about:

Cooperation, trust building, ice breakers and energizers, Defining Community (20 hours of community service during the 9-month program) Rights and responsibilities, Youth yellow pages, Self-esteem, Introduction to values, Introduction to adolescent development, Introduction to emotional and social changes, Name your feelings, Introduction to relationships :What is a friend? Introduction to family relationships, Family changes, family challenges, Introduction to influence: Who influences you and why? Have you been influenced? Peer pressure experiences, Media messages: Plus or minus? Introduction to sexuality, Talking about abstinence, STI basketball, Introduction to communication: Saying what you mean Communicating Clearly: Using "I" messages

50 ways to say No! And many more.

The program will also encourage teens to abstain from sex, as well as educate them about the risk in diseases associated with unprotected sex.

The program is set up for youth and parents who are committed to it's completion.

For more about the Wyman Outreach Program, contact 439-5861 and log on to their website.