According to, there is a new reality show in the works that will feature Lil Boosies Baby Mamas. This should be interesting and the fact that it may be in the works before Boosie gets out is ironically clever.

Apparently Lil Boosie didn't really want to have a show out there because of all of the negative light that is on reality shows. Of course the very last thing that he needs is any more drama in his life to implicate in negativity towards him. Below is a statement from one of the mothers surrounding the show.

While there is no official date for the debut of the show, it will be intersting to see how the show plays out and what kind of a response it will receive. Check out the pic below of the mothers who will be involved with the show.

Again props to Boosie on getting his GED while being incarcerated. That is definately a bold move for him going in a positive direction.