There's a new Jordan only store that opened in New York and the line is around the corner of die hard fans waiting to get their hands on some high priced kicks.

New Jordans Only Store In New York:

Now while I am far from a hater and love to give props where props are due, I would just hope that these young men and I'm sure young ladies as well have their lives in order. I would hate to see a man in line waiting on the latest Jordans, but can't be found when it's time to take care of that child or home for that matter. It's pretty serious when some folks are more concerned with their shoe game then the real game, which is life. The fact of the matter is as long as the consumer buys the product, it will be sold. Let's just hope that there will come a time when we become less materialistic and followers and more on the upbringing of our families and making sure that our kids are good with proper education and the neccessities in life. That's just my two cents on the matter, so carry on a get the new Jordans, I'm sure he would appreciate you for it.