Wiz Khalifa sits down with MTV and sets the record straight.  Wiz says forget what you've heard he and Waka Flocka Flame don't have any beef.  As a matter of fact according to Wiz there good friends and he doesn't know where people are getting their info.  Referring to a supposed back stage incident.  Wiz said "It's always something: making up some rumor about something happening with me backstage during somebody's set, but nothing happened.  Me and Waka are cool.  That's just people trying to promote negativity."Weezy shut it down Sunday during the MTV Unplugged session.  As he gets rave reviews about his show, he continues to be sued.  Wayne  and baby have been hit with three lawsuit last week alone and it don't look like there's any end in sight.

TI reveals that he will drop a new single in the next couple of weeks as his 8 month bid winds down.  Tip also talks about his time behind bars being well spent.

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