It looks like the "ill na na" Ms. Foxy Brown wants a taste of revenge.  Foxy has recently filed a $100 million lawsuit against the City of New York and its assistant D.A.  One thing's for sure -- Foxy has had her share of trouble . After spending eight months in jail for probation violation -- then a few more months for "mooning" her accuser and striking her in the face with a blackberry -- Foxy's trying to cash in.

Speaking of which, Suga Shane Mosley will soon be a free man soon, but not before paying a hefty price.  He's also gonna have to part with at least three of his belts.

Kim K and her soon-to-be hubby Kris Humphries have set a date.  And a rep for the Arizona Department of Corrections is clearing up a rumor involving DMX.

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