Pharrell Williams is following in the footsteps of Diddy, Luda and others by landing his very own liquor deal.  Pharrell will be hands-on when it come to developing the drink, designing the bottle and marketing and advertising the campaign.  Plus, he'll serve as the brand's cultural ambassador as well.Pharrell's new drank is called "Qream with a Q" and will be marketed as a relaxing drink to enjoy with friends.  Although the beverage is targeted towards woman, I'm sure the N.E.R.D prez wont be mad if the fellas wanna toast to the good life, too.

Mathew Knowles isn't taking things sitting down.  As previously reported, Beyonce' fired him as her manager for stealing from her.  It would seem he doesn't appreciate being called a thief -- so much so that he has filed suit.

Lil Boosie is in even more trouble,  if that's even possible.  He and two other men  have been indicted on trying to smuggle Condene into Angola.

Diddy is being sued again.  This time around by a record executive who was shot several times in the parking lot of one of his Justin restaurants.

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