It's finally happening for Kelly Rowland.  She's had a fabulous career being part of the biggest girl group in history, Destiny's Child.   However, it's been sort of an uphill battle in getting props and the respect she deserved as a solo artist.  Thank goodness those days are behind her now.More so than ever, this was a huge year for her.  Kelly Rowland has officially arrived!  She's got a hit single, a new album, getting ready to hit the road with Chris Brown and now she's teaming up with Diddy for something big.

Eminem had filed a lawsuit against German car maker Audi for copy-write infringement a few months ago and now it seems they've come to a agreement.

As Jay Z and Timberland fight off a 5 million dollar lawsuit over their song Big Pimpin , Hov and Kanye rubbed independent record stores the wrong way as they prepare to drop Watch The Throne.

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