Don't think that just because you see her on television  that money is rolling in for Toni, nothing could be further from the truth.

Singer and new reality star Toni Braxton has battled financial problems throughout her career, which have led her to bankruptcy. Initially it seemed like she would be able to improve her personal income by participating in the new television series 'Braxton Family Value,' but the truth is different. "The reality show is not how I am really getting paid. Who said reality shows make you rich? That's a misconception." According to previous reports, Braxton has unsettled debt of $50 million for the cancellation of a Las Vegas concert series she stopped paying down on due to heart problems. The "Breathe Again" singer manages to earn income by performing outside of the United States. "I do one-off dates in Europe - because I'm much bigger in Europe than I am here in the States. I do little spot dates here and there and get paid really good, so I am surviving,” Braxton said to Sister to Sister magazine.

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I have been watching the show, although it really seem that the show is more about their baby sister Tamar then anything.