It's still hard to digest that fact or the possibility that the legendary Don Cornelius would kill himself.  But, as the sad reality begins to set in, his son is speaking out.  Thursday, Tony Cornelius talked about that tragic day with Gayle King on "CBS This Morning".  Here's what happened.


If any further developments come up, I'll keep you in the know. Meanwhile, Jamaican Dance Hall superstar Elephant Man has a couple of issues with his hometown authorities.  As he awaits trail next week for stealing electricity, he was also arrested for rape.  Press play for the complete details.

Even though the grand finale is has come and gone VH1 has a little extra, extra for ya in the way of "Love & Hip-Hop".  Erica Mena says there's more to her than what the show....shows, while Chrissy says she was forced to interact with women she wouldn't even go to lunch with in "real reality".  Press play now to find out more.

Finally, a New York homeless man is suing Eminem for $9 million dollars for stealing his idea for the Chrysler commercial that ran last year during the Super Bowl.  With a hand written note, he filed the suit and you wont believe who was with him when he claims he gave Em the idea.  Press play now to get the low down with

Tha Wire: 


Bishop Eddie Long is back in the news.  After being caught up in a very public sex scandal, now oddly enough he's been crowned King of his church by "Rabbi" Ralph Messer.  King?  Last Sunday his church hosted the Rabbi and the following is what took place. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT, TO BELIEVE IT.



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