Back in March, August Alsina shared his feelings about Trey Songz saying they he wasn't rocking with the fellow singer.  After remaining quiet through it all, Trey has finally addressed the alleged issues with Alsina.

August told RapUpTV, 'I don't f*ck with Trey Songz.' Weeks later he explained his comments a bit more in depth to The Source:

All I said was, ‘we ain’t good right now’. With this music sh*t, sometimes it gets deeper than music. Like when you become somebody homie or whatever, I hold you to a certain standard and you know, that’s how it is.

During a recent interview with Capital Xtra, Trey addresses the alleged 'discrepancy' between him and Alsina. Find out what the crooner had to say below.

We had a discrepancy and he didn’t know how to deal with that. He hasn’t been in the situation where he has to answer the same question a million times, that’s frustration. He probably said some things he really didn’t mean. Out of pressure. I really care about him. He got a lot going on in his life outside of music and I know that about him. So, I didn’t feel the need to speak out against him.