Who knew rapper Trinidad James was so funny?  Hip Hop's newest superstar stopped by Take  It Personal a Hip Hop Improv Show in New York and told the packed crowd about his hilarious run-in with police in Canada.

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If you happen to be in the Big Apple, it’s a show you may want to concider going to if your looking to laugh and have a good time.  Anyway, the show features Hip Hop artists telling their best unbelievable and unheard stories.  This  past Friday (August 23rd) Trinidad James stopped by the show and filled the packed crowd in on his recent run-in with the law that ended hilariously.  Trinidad happens to be very witty and pretty hilarious as you will see.  The rapper holds nothing back as he talks about his past Green Card issues and then goes into a hilarious story about his run-in with police in Canada at the border.  I don’t want to give it away.  You gotta hear the story for yourself.

Finally, back in 2001, Destiny’s Child made “Bootylicious” a household word.  So much so, that Webster added the term to describe ones derrière to its dictionary.  Now, “Twerking” will officially be added to the British Oxford Dictionaries Online database.  The term to describe a form of dancing, has become more visible on dance floors, major media outlets and social media over the last several months.  However, it’s been around much longer than that in the Hip Hop community.  For example just about everything the 2 Live Crew put out, had something to do with Twerking, the Ying Yang Twins even made a song about it with the classic “Whistly While You Twurk.”

Here what the official dictionary definition of Twerk now.  Plus, get more details about Trinidad James with Tha Wire now: