It's on now!  Twitter is about to join Apple, Spotify, and Pandora in bringing music to your cell phone.


Twitter bought We Are Hunted, one of the leading music discovery services, and is planning to use the technology to create its own application known as “Twitter Music.”

Users will be able to use Twitter Music to find artists and songs to listen to based on personalized recommendations. The user will then be able to stream the song on SoundCloud right from the app.

Twitter Music will have four tabs: Suggested, Popular, Emerging, and #NowPlaying. “Suggested” will recommend songs based on Twitter accounts a person follows. “Popular” will display trending songs on We Are Hunted. “Emerging” will track rising artists. “#NowPlaying” will show songs tweeted by people you follow when they include that hashtag.

Twitter, as no surprise is the tenth most used website in the world with over 500 million users So, this move is just going to bring them to the next level, at the same time giving artists another way to promote and share their music.

The Twitter Music app may be available as early as the end of March.