Hold on for your hat, one of THE most politically acclaimed Hip-Hop groups of ALL time is gearing up to drop not one, but two albums this year.  Chuck D confirmed that in June, the legendary Hip-Hop group will drop "Most of My Heroes Still Don't Appear on No Stamp"and

"The Evil Empire of Everything" in September.  Public Enemy always has something to say and the don't care who they offend.  You know what they say, the truth hurts.  Chuck said of the albums "their two concise statements that are connected in the same breath."

Meanwhile, the group participated in the Operation: Skid Row Street festival this past weekend. Here's some video from that event.  ATTENTION: THERE MAY SOME PROFANITY.



Operation: Skid Row benefits the Los Angelas Community Action Network (L.A. CAN), an organization assisting Central City East's homeless by providing low-income families with stable housing.  Now that's what I call giving back.  That's what's up!

The event rapped up with a Public Enemy performance that by the way, marked the group's 25 anniversary in the biz.



Gotta love it!  By the way, because of their 25 year anniversary that qualifies them to join the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!