In an update on the attempted suicide story of Wu-Tang Clan affiliated rapper Andre “Christ Bearer” Johnson, E! News says he was on PCP. 

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The news network is reporting, a source close to the rapper told them that’s why the rapper to cut off his penis and jump off a second story building.   It’s also been revealed that the Northstar member used a serrated steak knife to disfigure himself, cutting off the tip and then removed the rest along with his testicles.

When police and paramedics arrived on the scene, Johnson was found on the sidewalk in front of his apartment building, of course in critical condition.  From there, he was taken to L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and no, doctors were unable to reattach his items.

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In other news, since where speaking on updates, Chris Brown’s bodyguard was able to prove he was the one who assaulted a 20-year old Maryland art student outside a DC hotel last year.  Parker Adams accused Breezy of striking him outside the hotel in an incident that took place back in October last year.

The singer has maintained his innocence and a secret service agent, who by the way was in the area on separate assignment, has come forward in Chris Brown’s defense.  The U.S. agent even went as far as giving an official statement saying he heard Parker tell police that Chris didn’t hit him.

Which, pretty much falls in line with what Breezy’s bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy has been saying all along.  The security guard had his day in court last week and testified that he was the only one who assaulted Adams.  Hollosy testified that Breezy was trying to take a picture with two female fans, when Adams tried to barge in on the photo.  The singer rejected Adams behavior, words were exchanged and Hollosy says he stepped in and did his job by physically helping Mr. Parker find somewhere to go.

Listen to Tha Wire below and find out what the verdict was in Hollosy's case and learn when Breezy's trail will begin.

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Finally, congratulations to rap femcee and actress Eve.  The rap diva said goodbye to the single life at her bachelorette party, surrounded by her girlfriends on Friday (April 18).

The bride-to-be will tie the knot with billionaire tycoon Maximillion Cooper, however there’s no word on when or where the nuptials are gonna go down.  In the meantime, Evie Eve, posted pics on Instagram as she celebrated with a huge cake shaped like a big pair of lips, wearing a “Bride to Be” tiara.

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