Now I know that times are a little bit tougher then usual and we are all possibly pinching pennies to make things worthwhile for our kids, but this here is just going a little to far.

This was a crazy story and although I have heard of things like this happening before, it's funny that this was actually caught on tape. This UPS driver who possibly was a hard working guy and probably never did anything like this before decided that he would pick up a package from a house that he had delivered it to. What he didn't think was that this family actually had a camera filming the entire ordeal. Check out the video!

It's amazing that when the home owner called and tried to report the incident, they didn't believe him at first, but after the tape was produced there was nothing else to say. The worker who was a veteran employee was ultimately fired for his crime and arrested. We have all heard this at one time or another, but seriously be careful what you do, because you never know who is watching.