Say it ain't so. Usher is in the middle of a song theft dispute and facing allegations that he lifted "Burn" from songwriter Ernest Lee Straughter. God only knows why Mr. Straughter waited so long to sue, after all, the song is seven years old now. Never the less, Ursh might have a problem because the judge over the case has dismissed his motion to dismiss the case.On top of that, the judge has also noted a substantial similarity between Ursh's "Burn" and Mr. Straughter's "Reasons".  So, that can't be good.  Tune in and get all the details.

LL Cool J will soon get his props from BET.  The BET Hip-Hop Awards will honor Uncle L and award him with the "I Am Hip-Hop Award" in October.  LL is truly deserving of this award being the first artist on the roaster for Def Jam Records to being a Grammy Award winning recipient.

And last but not least for the first time, President Obama will address a variety of topics that are of specific concern to the African-American community including The American Jobs Act.

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