If Usher doesn't learn anything at all, hopefully he's learned to never park in a handicap parking space ever again!   LOL!!!  A crazy lady completely spazzed out on him in a Atlanta parking lot last week.  By standers tried to stand between Ursh and the lady all while her children frantically cry for her to stop.

Here's a video courtesy of TMZ of all the drama as it unfolded:






Gucci Mane lost his bid for freedom.  As previously reported he got himself locked up after he pushed a woman out of a moving vehicle because she would have sex with him.  Tune in to get the latest on the case and more with Tha Wire.



Keri Hilson's got made love for her fans and unfortunately for one fan, he got punched in the face after trying to express his love to her.  Got the video, this is crazy.  Check it out.


Wow! Just when you thought there couldn't be more, get all the details now.  Press play to hear Tha Wire: