Last night as I was finishing up some work here at the station, I was take shocked when  I heard the news of the passing of actor James Gandolfini who we all know as Tony Soprano from the hit HBO series "The Sopranos". This was definately one of the most talked about television series and the death of Tony was one of the most talked about subjects on last night. 


James was on a trip with his 13 year old son in Italy, who was graduating from the 8th grade and was basically having a boys vacation. Unfortunately he fell ill at around 10 pm and his son discovered him and called for help. Although he was alive when the medics arrived and took him to the hospital, after about 40 minutes of medical assiatance, he was pronounced dead at 11 pm of cardiac arrest. This is truly sad news for all who were beloved fans of the legendary actor and our prayers are with his son and family! Let's take a trip down memory lane with a few vintage shots Ol' Tony in action!


The Sopranos compilation: