Check out Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Webbie's latest interview with "The Breakfast Club," where he talks about Trayvon Martin, when Lil Boosie is coming home, he even applies his charm on the very sexy Angela Yee,  and more!

The always insanely charismatic Webbie, who's gearing up for the October 1st release of his "Savage Life 4" album, is always entertaining, from his extreme outspoken comments and answer's, as well as his feelings about fellow Trill Ent. rapper Lil Boosie. Webbie is without a doubt not afraid to say what's on his mind, no matter what it is. He's also not afraid to change the subject if he doesn't want to talk about a particular subject. Webbie even admits to sometimes going to far with the things he says.

Find out what else Webbie had to say in part 2 of his "Breakfast Club" interview below.