Wendy Williams recently threw some shade on Beyonce and paid her a compliment all in the same sentence.  During her popular talk show Wendy out right dissed Bey by telling her audience, "you know Beyonce can't talk."

Wendy Williams-Getty Images

The diss came as Wendy was telling her audience that she'll be tuned in when Beyonce's new documentary, which is slated to air in February comes on HBO.

The talk show host said she would have to turn the closed captioning on because “She can’t talk.”

Beyonce-Getty Images

Wow!!  Really Wendy?  Is this blasphemy?  Lol, one minute she's telling her audience she's one of Bey's biggest fans and then she's cutting her down like sling blade, by insinuating she's well...dumb.  However, with Beyonce's latest business venture being worth a whopping $50 mill, I don't think Wendy's comments will phase her much.

What are your thoughts?  Was Wendy way outta line or did she have a point?