I love hip hop, I was raised and bread on one of the best forms of music. Regardless on whether you were a Tribe Called Quest fan, NWA or Salt And Pepa, you had to love it. Well another one of my favorite groups from the 9o's was Ill Al Skratch, they had alot of killer joints and really brought a different twist to that East Coast hip hop. Well they are back and they have actually changed their name. They are now known as BUC and it makes me ponder the question on whether some artist just need to bask in their time and let it go, or continue trying to satisfy the younger consumer who is actually buying the music now. Check out the new video below, and share your thoughts.

BUC -Formerly Ill Al Skratch-"Club Rockin"


Although I am not feeling the new song, it is not my place on whether they should continue or not. There are plenty from the past who are still relevant today including Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Dr. Dre and more. But I will admit I was a bigger fan when they were releasing joints like this one below.


Ill Al Skratch featuring Brian Mcknight -"I'll Take Her"