As previously reported, Friday (March 14th) Chris Brown was kicked out of the rehab facility he'd been receiving treatment at for the last several months.  Shortly after, he was arrested for probation violation and held without bail.  Now we have learned more on the situation.

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

For starters, Chris Brown was to remain in rehab until the trial on his DC assault case got underway April 17th.  Everything was going good.  Chris Brown had been in court-ordered rehab since November last year and until recently had received good reviews from probation officials, even Judge James R. Brandlin.  The Malibu rehab center where Brown was sentenced gave the singer props in court for doing so well during a recent progress hearing.

Then all of a sudden, he's being thrown out for breaking "internal rules."  So what happened?   Listen to what Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin had to say when the singer appeared in court yesterday (Monday March 17th)

That's about that.  The judge ruled Chris Brown has to remain in jail for the next five weeks.  Other "internal rules" Brown reportedly violated was allegedly refusing to take a drug test when asked. The singer complied later and passed, but because he didn't do so when asked, he violated the rules.  Breezy was also accused of touching a woman’s hand and elbow and that a violation as well because the singer was required to remain two feet away from all women in the facility.

Back tracking just a tad, judge Brandlin said he was troubled by Brown’s apparent comment on being “good at using guns and knives”.  However, the singer didn't just blurt that statement out, he was participating in an rehab exercise.  Chris Brown was asked to reflect on what he was good or excelled at and that was one of his responses.

Browns attorney, Mark Geragos said outside the courthouse. "You know - do you have a bad day? I have bad days sometimes.  Do you say things you'd like to take back?  I certainly do.  So I don't know that being in a therapeutic session and you're talking about your reflections and you say one sentence means you go to jail?  Seems to me to be counter productive to therapy."

On the strength of that, Geragos said was going to petition the judges ruling and ask for Brown to be released before the April hearing in DC.  Geragos pointed out that locking the singer up was a waste of judicial and jail resources.

Meanwhile, Judge Brandlin said Chris Brown's “inability to stay out of trouble” led to the decision to not allow him to enter another rehab facility and remain in jail.