Congratulations to Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose!  The happy couple is planning to have an official wedding ceremony this weekend in Wiz’s hometown of Pittsburgh.


The couple has been legally married for a month now, as they tied the knot in a very private ceremony in Los Angeles.  However, this time around, they’re gonna do it big  in front of family and friends in a formal service at a Pittsburgh-area country club.

Wiz and Amber have been together since 2011 and just Last February became parents of their 6-month-old son Sebastian “the Bash” Taylor Thomaz.

Chatter about the couple’s impending nuptials erupted on Twitter after Amber Rose posted a photo on her Instagram page of a huge box being loaded onto a pick-up truck.


In other news, as no surprise, Chris Brown will not face any jail time for the bogus charges of hit and run.  As previously reported Chris was involved in a very minor parking accident a few months ago.  Were Breezy simply backed into someone while trying to park.

TMZ reports that the case has been dismissed by an L.A. judge. Olga Gure-Kovalenko, the other driver didn't want to press charges or to receive any money because the damage to her car was so minor.  In spite of that L.A’s City Attorney wanted to charge the singer with hit-and-run anyway.  Filing two charges of hit-and-run.

In addition to hit-and-run, Chris was accused of refusing to give the other driver his license, producing false insurance documents and leaving the scene.  All of which were absolutely false as Breezy’s legal team gave proof of all the proper documents, not to mention the youtube video of the entire accident which proves the accident was NOT a hit-and -run.

Find out what Chris Brown's attorney had to say about the ordeal below with Tha Wire.


Finally, Miguel has had a bumpy road these last few months.  First he landed on two fans after being advised not to jump from one stage to another during the Billboard Awards.  The singer ended up being sued because of it and now he’s been charge with DUI.  Early yesterday morning, Law enforcement officials told TMZ that Miguel was pulled over for speeding while riding in a tinted 2013 BMW X6 in L.A.

Damn Miguel.  Get more details with Tha Wire now.