"Love is everywhere", he tweeted.  Wiz Khalifa may be throwing his little black book away for good!  Amber tweeted "He made me the happiest woman in the world"!

Ahhhh!  Congrats.  Find out how it went down, press play now for all the juicy stuff with Tha Wire.  Plus, it looks like there was some truth to the rumors about Janet Jackson and the show X Factor.  However, she has officially declined their offer.  Get the details as to why now.

Unfortunately, Jim Jones has been in the news a lot recently and for all the wrong reasons.  Now, he's being accused of sending he's crew into the audience to "Rough up" a fan.  Get the goods on what transpired and why the fan got a beat down.

Plus, another drink throwing fan caused a straight up brawl at a Young Jeezy concert recently.  Don't worry you can get the scoop, skinny, mess and drama now.  Press play now to hear Tha Wire now: 


It must be nice to be young and very rich.

What on earth do you get a kid who has everything.  How bout a $100,000 luxury electric sports car?  Yep, that's what Justin Bieber got for his 18th birthday from his manager Scooter Braun and his mentor Usher.  Must be nice.

By the way, this is all while he's on the hunt for a new mansion.  According to sources he's narrowed his search down to 3 properties.  One of which is in Calabasas, CA. where other celebs like the Kardashians, a few Jackson family members and Britney Spears call home.

Another estate reportedly has a $8 million price tag, while another is a pimped out crib currently rented by Ashton Kutcher in the Hollywood area with a list price of $10 million.  By the way, he's looking to buy two properties, one for his mother and the other for himself.