Wyclef Jean releases his autobiography today September 18th.  In the book Clef is extremely candid about his career and his past relationship with Lauren Hill.

His new book in entitled "Purpose: An Immigrant's Story".  In the book, Wyclef Clef exposes some pretty shocking details about Lauren Hill and explains why the group broke-up originally.  It's gonna be a juicy one that's for sure.  Listen to Tha Wire below and hear more about the book and what Clef said specifically about Lauren.

In other news, speaking of being candid, Usher put it all out there while appearing on Oprah's Next Chapter this past Sunday.  Take a look at how it all went down.

Usher kept it 100 even though at times the interview got pretty uncomfortable.  Find out what else he reveals to Oprah with Tha Wire below.  Plus, hear what him and Latin superstar Shakira have in common.

In other news rapper Game's on again, off again marriage is coming to TV and I've got the details.  On Top of that, he's preppin the release of his new album.  However, according to him he, to change the name because Trey Songz stole his tittle.  None the less, the new single is a star studded joint called "Celebration" and here it is in the making.

Whatcha think?  Find out how you can get it here.  Finally, Trey Songz is getting for his big acting debut!  Trigger landed himself a starring role in a new blockbuster film that's coming to theaters January 2013.  Get all the details on this and all of the above now with Tha Wire.  Press play now: