Kanye West is furious that Youtube CEO Chad Hurley, leaked his proposal to Kim and according to TMZ, the couple is considering suing.  Sources say guest were required to sign a confidentiality agreement .

Chad Hurley, CEO of Youtube, attends the Digital Life Design (DLD) conference . (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images for Burda Media)

As it turns out, YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley is the one who released the first video after secretly recording the special moment  at AT&T Field Monday.  In a matter of minutes the world knew after the 36 year old released the video on his app MixBit and his personal Twitter account of over 510,000 followers:

Ironically, Hurley didn't release the video on his Twitter, but exclusively on his new app. However, he did sent it to a few news publications with a press release.  As a matter fo fact, Vanity Fair released an excerpt of the press release which read:

the orchestra and lights show in anticipation of the proposal, Kanye down on one knee, the reaction from family and friends, and the celebration and toasting to the newly engaged couple afterwards

In the meantime, Hurley's MixBit is competing with Vine and Instagram.  So, he had ulterior motive for releasing the proposal.   As far as how the app works unlike Vine and Instagram, users can mix as many as 256 clips in a single video.  Plus, app users can mix in clips from other publicly posted MixBit videos.  If your interested, the app is available on both iOS and Android.