I know it's hard to believe, but trust me this video is even harder to watch.

Vicksburg police arrested a day care worker, Sandra Trevillion, and charged her with two counts of contributing to the neglect of a minor.  She has since been fired from the Kiddie City Child Care Center, and is out on bond.  Her court date is this coming Monday.

Parents and workers told FoxNews.com the 9-year old has a history of fighting with others and that this wasn't the first time that he's done this.  As a parent of a small child myself, you would think he shouldn't have been in the same room with them in the first place because he was to old.  Ironically, a worker at the Kiddie City Child Care Center, who did not want to be named, said that very thing.

A parent of a 1-year old at the daycare Jamie Williams told FoxNews.com his daughter came home on July 16 with bite marks on both her neck and cheek that were still bleeding, and his 11-month-old son also had bruises on his head.  Jamie said, “They were just crying. They can’t talk, so I can’t get it from them. They couldn’t tell me (what had happened). They was just crying.”

Williams says when he went to the Kiddie City Child Care Center to find out what had happened, workers told him they didn't know.  Williams then went into the day care and slapped the boy he thought was responsible. But it was the wrong child.

Jamie admitted, “I wasn’t going up there to do that.  I shouldn’t be hitting no child regardless, but you know, since I did do it, I wish it would’ve been the right one at least.”  Mr. Williams is right and now he's facing a misdemeanor simple assault charge and is also scheduled to appear in court on Monday.


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