As August Alsina readies the release of his sophomore album, This Thing Called Life, he basically bared his soul during an interview with The Breakfast Club.  The singer got really deep and talked everything from accidentally touching a fans breast on stage to being sickly all his life and the various surgeries he's had in the last year.

The 23-year revealed how grateful his is that he can afford the medical treatment he's had to have. Surprisingly enough he revealed something sad he was.  The New Orleans bread singer admitted to being devastated by his brothers untimely death, being depressed, attempting suicide and was also very open about his strained relationship with mother, his family and much more.

Below listen to Alsina's 45-minute interview with The Breakfast Club,

Listening to the interview, you get a since that he's still a little depressed, but trying to bring himself out of it by talking about it and putting his pain in his music.  It's clear August Alsina has a lot to get off his chest and it's good to know that he is getting better mentally. I'm definitely gonna pray for my man and I truly hope he can sort things out.

By the way, Alsina's mom wasn't happy about his interview at all.  Shortlyafter the singer revealed his truth, HipHollywood reports she took to Instagram and dropped a statement of her own.

In the meantime, he's giving some raw honesty in the lead off single of his forthcoming sophomore album, "Song Cry."

August Alsina gives all his truth in his new album,This Thing Called Life, and fans can cop it December 11.  Make sure you pick it up!

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