Our family member Cupid is back and this time he is showing mad love to Lake Charles. He's dropping a new single for "That's Messy" and it talks about the day to day gossip mongers and trouble starters that we have to deal with,. He linked up with J. Paul and Messie Cee and came up with a nice down home jam that we can rock to. He also visited with our friends at Upskale Beauty Salon and featured a few other celebrities in there as well.

Cupid featuring J. Paul and Messie Cee- "That;s Messy"

When I first saw this video, I had to send Cupid a text personally and let him know that this video had me rolling. These days alot of the videos that are released don't have anything to do with the song, but this one went all the way in.


Big shouts out to Shae Williams, G Nate and the little homie Tyreik who is getting major props all over the world with their crazy little instagram videos. Make sure you guys get a copy of this single today and continue to support the Cupid movement.

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