If you're a fan of Jim Henson's work, there's a museum you have to visit in your lifetime.

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The Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta is a wonderland dedicated to puppets and puppetry. It also houses the largest collection of Jim Henson puppets in the world.

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Entering through the doors will transform anyone back to a kid as you walk through thousands of years of puppet history. You can catch live shows in the auditorium or attend a workshop to make your own puppet. They have over 4,000 puppets on display from all over the world. However, the museum is best known for their collection of Jim Henson's creations and a recreation of his working space where he made all of the puppets you have come to love.

The museum has been open since 1978 and Kermit the Frog and Jim Henson himself cut the ribbon on the grand opening.  Today, it's the largest non-profit organization dedicated to the art of puppet theater.

Below is a tour of the facility:

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