The two-hour season premiere of Yellowstone season 5 dropped yesterday. However, once again, people were confused that have a Paramount+ subscription as they were hoping to watch it on a Sunday night. That seemed to be the main shock for lots of fans. So how can you watch it?

The newest season will not be available to stream on the actual Paramount Network app, nor is it available on the Peacock app. The issue seems to be some contractual agreements that were made 2 years ago between two networks that were building a streaming service in order to stream shows from their network for a monthly subscription. Here's how you can watch it and hopefully not break the bank and subscribe and unsubscribe when you realize you can't watch it there.

If you have cable, then you just need the Paramount Network channel on your cable subscription. You're golden after that. For the rest of us that haven't had actual cable TV in many years, you have to find a different way through a subscription. Which one? You can purchase each episode through Amazon or Apple TV, but you have to wait for them to actually air before you have access to them. You can also, which is what I do, subscribe to Hulu+ and watch it on the Paramount network there. I've personally done it this way for 2 years and it works great. Eventually, Peacock says they will be able to stream the shows from their app, but there is no telling when that will be.

This season promises to be packed with juicy stories and will be spread out over two-seven-episode parts. 14 episodes will make up the 5th season, but we won't see the second half of the season until next year. The first part of the "split" will run now until December 18, 2022. The second half has not been announced as of yet.

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