We've heard you.

If you travel I-10 through our great state of Louisiana, you know that it can at times be flat-out scary.

I-10 is one of the most dangerous highways in the country to travel, for various reasons, so we asked on social media what is it that makes I-10 so dangerous or difficult to travel.

The responses that came in on the social media post varied, with many pointing to a lack of planning by politicians.

Some responses even noted that the amount of large trucks, which often switch lanes, makes it difficult to travel safely down I-10.

But three responses continued to show up throughout the discussion and we will highlight those here.


For starters, many on social media said that the drivers along I-10 are careless, thus making it unsafe to travel the busy highway. We should include here that many are distracted by devices they may have in their possession while traveling at high rates of speed.

Another popular response to what makes it difficult to travel along I-10 in Louisiana is the amount of construction on the highway. If you start in Lake Charles and travel I-10 to New Orleans you will most certainly go through several construction sites.

Highway Construction Work
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With that said, we often complain about the conditions of the roads in Louisiana, so let's give those working on the highway a "break".

Then, many said that those who travel at low rates of speed in the left lane make it difficult to travel on I-10. I will say, I agree.

Too often traffic is slowed down on I-10 because someone is moving too slow in the passing, which is what the left lane on the highway is for, and dare I say many accidents could be avoided if those moving slower merged and traveled into the right lane along I-10.

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Now for our honorable mention, a lot of those responding to our question on social media jokingly said that those with Texas license plates make it difficult to travel on I-10.

Are they going too fast or too slow? What is it? I'll admit here, I don't know what they meant with this accusation.


Again, we know it is dangerous to travel I-10, so please remember to always buckle up and stay off your phones while driving.

My parents always said to watch out for others while on the road and I will echo those words to you here. You have to drive defensively while on I-10.


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