Thousands of people flocked to a small town in Missouri to see a nun’s body that hasn’t decayed despite being buried for four years.

Catholics from all over the country made the trek to Gower, Missouri to witness the seemingly miraculous preservation of a nun's body, Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster, even after four years of being laid to rest.

"It's truly unbelievable," exclaimed Parfait Miaktsindila.

Only God can do something like this. I have no doubt.

This astonishing discovery unfolded when individuals at the convent attempted to relocate Sister Wilhelmina's remains. To their surprise, upon opening her casket, they discovered that her body had remained remarkably intact.

"It's a sign that prompts people to question, to ponder, but it doesn't provide absolute certainty. It requires a leap of faith," explained Joseph John Mullen, who had embarked on a grueling 16-hour journey from Pennsylvania to personally witness this incredible sight.

Gower, a small town boasting just over 1,500 residents, is situated about an hour's drive north of the nearest major city. The journey to the convent is no easy feat, yet devout individuals from all corners of the nation were determined not to miss this opportunity to witness what many consider a bona fide miracle.

"I couldn't let this pass me by; it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you know?" Miaktsindila emphasized.

Encountering miracles like this bolsters our faith, so I wholeheartedly encourage others to witness it with their own eyes and partake in what we have witnessed today.

It is worth noting that Lancaster herself established the very convent in Gower. According to a member of the sisterhood, her casket had developed a crack, allowing moisture to seep inside. Nevertheless, her body has remained in an exceptional state of preservation.

"To be completely honest, I was overwhelmed," Mullen confessed. "Overwhelmed, I tell you. Sure, you come across tales and accounts of such occurrences, maybe somewhere in Europe, but witnessing it firsthand in our contemporary world is a profound testament to the enduring power of the Catholic faith."

Those who made the trip to Gower are unanimous in their belief that the experience has opened their eyes to new possibilities.

"I implore others to come and witness this marvel with their own eyes because sometimes we harbor doubts," urged Miaktsindila earnestly. "When you witness it for yourself, it compels you to contemplate the essence of life."

The body of Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster was on display until this past Monday (May 29).

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