During a recent visit to New Orleans, pop superstar Taylor Swift gave new meaning to "hiding in plain sight."

According to Keith Spera with NOLA.com, Taylor Swift was in the audience for the 6:15 p.m. set at Preservation Hall this past Saturday (Dec. 10), an iconic jazz venue in the French Quarter.

The intimate space can hold right around 100 people, wall-to-wall before it's busting at the seams but somehow Swift managed to go unrecognized.

The pop superstar made headlines as millions of fans rushed to the internet to buy tickets to her The Eras Tour which launches in early 2023. With resale tickets priced well into the thousands to see her in a stadium, imagine what the biggest Taylor Swift fan would give to run into her at a cozy venue like Preservation Hall.

According to Spera's report, Taylor wasn't even trying to hide her identity in the slightest bit during her "completely random and unexpected" visit, along with her boyfriend, British actor Joe Alwyn, who has been filming a movie in New Orleans over the past few weeks.

Also in attendance was Taylor's longtime collaborator, producer/songwriter Jack Antonoff whose fiancee is also in the movie that Swift's boyfriend is acting in.

Photographer Erika Goldring was at the venue and had the chance to speak to Swift before the show who was "down to earth" and revealed it was her first time at Preservation Hall.

At one point, Taylor actually moved from her back-row seat to put some money in the band's tip jar near the bandstand. Goldring said that it was like no one knew her from any other random person who would be attending the show.

I didn’t get the sense that anybody put two and two together.

Once it was reported that Swift was in attendance, some people who commented on the story said they weren't surprised and that New Orleans is a place where celebrities can move around "unbothered."

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While New Orleans may be home to folks who are used to seeing celebrities and letting them go about their business, I can guarantee the Swifties will have an eagle eye out for Taylor as long as they know her boyfriend is in town filming a movie.

Hopefully, they just let her do her thing; and for what it's worth, with or without Swift, Preservation Hall is a must the next time you're in New Orleans.

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