6ix9ine reportedly has been arrested in the Dominican Republic for allegedly assaulting two local producers.

6ix9ine Gets Arrested Following an Alleged Altercation With Producers

According to an article in Diario Libre, published on Friday (Oct. 13), 6ix9ine, was reportedly arrested that same day when he tried to leave the country on a private plane following an alleged assault on two music producers. A law enforcement source confirmed with the newspaper that the Brooklyn rapper was in custody for the alleged incident, which left one man requiring surgery for a broken jaw. A warrant has been issued for a second man who was allegedly involved in the assault.

A video on social media allegedly shows Tekashi and several men entering a building, then abruptly running out minutes later. Apparently 6ix9ine's rumored girlfriend, singer Yailin la Mas Viral, was at the studio recording. There is no confirmation on what triggered the assault.

News of the incident started circulating online via the newspaper report and through criminal lawyer Felix Humberto Portes Nuñez. His post can be viewed below.

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Producers Speak Out About the Alleged Assault

Diamond La Mafia, a Dominican recording artist and producer, told Diario Libre that 6ix9ine and five other men showed up at his studio, where he and Yailin had been recording a song. Once the men entered the building the alleged assault began. The following quotes are provided via Google Translate.

"He grabbed both of my producers, I had just left the studio, Yailin had just left," Mafia said on Instagram Live. "I was making her believe I was in Miami and, suddenly, he showed up at the studio in La Vega and disrupted my producers, through no fault of their own, without knowing them."

"I was coming down and they were asking where Yailin is and I told them that she had left and they said to open the studio for them and I opened it for them and... at once they entered us," explained another man, who vowed to sue 6ix9ine. "They hit me more than I even know about."

There's no word on charges 6ix9ine is facing in the wake of the alleged assault.

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Check out video of the alleged assault, the producer's accusations and the lawyer's Instagram post below.

Watch Video Before the Alleged Assault and Producer Diamond La Mafia Calling Out 6ix9ine

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