Boosie BadAzz cut off his ankle monitor in a celebratory video as he awaits to see if his federal charges are getting dropped.

Boosie BadAzz Removes His Ankle Monitor

On Tuesday (June 25), a video shared by Boosie's friend on Instagram showed the rapper dramatically removing his ankle monitor before jumping into a pool. "MY P.O. said my charges are terminated and I can cut my ankle monitor off," Boosie called out with a smile on his face before slicing it off his ankle. Cheers can be heard from all around Boosie as he dives in.

However, court documents obtained by XXL on Tuesday (June 25), show Boosie's claim isn't entirely accurate. His lawyer Meghan Blanco did file a motion to have his charges dismissed with the United States District Court Southern District of California, but the court has yet to respond to Blanco's request. District Judge Cathy A. Bencivengo did allow Boosie to remove his ankle monitor though, so there's still a cause for celebration.

"Mr. Hatch’s ankle monitor condition was removed yesterday," Blanco said in a statement to XXL. "His case is still pending, but we have filed motions to dismiss, which we expect the Court to rule on shortly."

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Why Was Boosie BadAzz Wearing an Ankle Monitor?

Boosie was arrested last June on a federal felon in possession of a firearm charge during a court hearing in San Diego. Police claimed they noticed a firearm in the rapper's waistband on the Instagram Live channel of a known Crip member. Boosie was reportedly filming a music video in the city. Boosie was eventually released on bond after spending a week behind bars and was required to wear an ankle monitor. Boosie's attorney had previously filed a motion to drop the charges, which was denied. As of Tuesday, Boosie now still plans to take the case to trial.

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Watch Boosie take off his ankle monitor below.

Watch Boosie BadAzz Cut Off Ankle Monitor in Celebratory Video

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