Diddy has taken down all Instagram posts including his apology to Cassie and the statement he issued regarding the recent sexual assault lawsuits filed against him.

Diddy Deletes All Posts on Instagram

On Thursday (June 20), people on social media took notice of the fact that Diddy, or whoever is currently running his Instagram account, took the time to delete every single post. Notably, the disgraced Bad Boy Entertainment founder removed his public apology to Cassie that followed recently surfaced footage of Diddy assaulting his ex-girlfriend last month. He also took down the official statement he issued when various abuse and sexual assault allegations began to pop up late last year.

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Diddy Pulls Back From Public Eye Amid Accusations

Diddy falling back from the ’Gram comes as the allegations and backlash continue to roll in against the music exec who has been sued seven times since last November.

Last week, he returned his key to the city of New York after the honor was recalled by Mayor Eric Adams. Howard Univerity also recently rescinded the honorary degree it gave the CEO in 2014. Diddy isn't completely low. He was spotted about a week ago randomly standing on a sidewalk in West Hollywood, Calif., prompting people to question what he was doing.

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Check out Diddy's apology and statement that were scrubbed from his IG page below.

Watch Diddy's Recently Deleted Apology Video to Cassie

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