Diddy was recently spotted randomly standing on a sidewalk with a man in Los Angeles, and people are having a field day speculating what the disgraced hip-hop mogul was doing.

Diddy Spotted on Sidewalk in L.A.

On Wednesday (June 12), TMZ obtained fan-captured video footage of Diddy standing on a sidewalk in West Hollywood, Calif. talking to an unidentified man. In the video clip, which can be seen below, the fan rides by in a car and yells out, "Yo, Diddy. Wassup, bro? What's good, man? Happy Wednesday."

Diddy responds by displaying praying hands and throwing up an L for love. In another video obtained by TMZ, Diddy is standing outside a car talking to a woman. They chat for a while before exchanging a hug.

While this is not the first time Diddy has been spotted out and about since the video of him assaulting his former girlfriend Cassie Ventura was released by CNN last month, he has been laying low, leaving fans to question exactly what Puff is doing.

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People Question What Diddy Is Doing

Instagram blog Hollywood Unlocked shared the video on IG and the clip got plenty of reactions from people speculating what's going on with Diddy in the random sighting.

"Diddy look like he hanging in the trenches," one person commented.

"Look like he was talking to the plug," another person typed.

"Diddy breathing in all that good air as long he can," someone else posted.

Diddy has been a trending topic in the news for all the wrong reasons over the last several months, as a result of multiple lawsuits being filed against him as well as a reported sex-trafficking investigation. Though there may be a bigger storm coming, he appears to be taking it in stride.

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See the video of Diddy spotted randomly standing on a sidewalk in Los Angeles and the reactions below.

Watch Diddy React to a Fan After Being Spotted in Los Angeles

See Fans Question What Diddy Is Doing Randomly Standing on a Sidewalk in Los Angeles

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