Rappers make a strong effort to stand out from the crowd, but Doja Cat has been sticking out like a sore thumb. The 27-year-old rapper tends to showcase her more quirkier side than what some people are accustomed to. When she shares her views on social media regarding a specific topic, drops a music video with questionable imagery or uploads a distinctive photo to Instagram, it generally raises some eyebrows.

From humorously meowing during an entire interview at the 2023 Met Gala to shaving her eyebrows on Instagram Live, there's no denying that the Los Angeles artist knows how to make a mark. Some fans might also say that Doja's cow-inspired 2019 hit, "Mooo!," served as an invitation to learn more about her carefree spirit. But, regardless of anyone's opinion, Doja Cat remains true to her personal and nonrestrictive artistic side.

On April 13, Doja Cat even revealed the reasoning behind her occasional eccentric moments in an interview with Time Magazine. "I am very impulsive," she stated. "And I see it as a form of entertainment for the people that are reading it and watching it."

Doja continued: "And I'm also entertained. Social media has been a really big part of what I do. I’m just learning to control how much I put out and the way that I put those things out."

Case in point: whether fans love or despise it, peculiarity is the muse behind Doja Cat's many sides. Check out 21 of Doja Cat's odd moments below.

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