Foxy Brown reportedly may be called on to testify in the Tupac Shakur murder trial.

Prosecution Seeks Foxy Brown as Star Witness

On June 8, The U.S. Sun reported the latest update in the Tupac Shakur murder trial where former gang member Duane "Keefe D" Davis is set to be tried for the 27-year-old slaying of the beloved rap icon. According to the publication, the prosecution is eyeing Foxy Brown as a key witness. The Brooklyn, N.Y. rapper was allegedly in Las Vegas on Sept. 7, 1996, the night Tupac was killed, as was hanging out with Davis and other suspects prior to the shooting.

Multiple informants have told the State they saw Foxy and Keefe D together prior to the shooting. They believe she can provide information that can place Keefe D at the scene since he now claims he was not in Sin City on the night of the incident.

A source within the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department tells The U.S. Sun, "There are secret and delicate conversations going on about Foxy being a witness at the trial. She could prove vital in taking the stand or even making a statement about her recollection of being around the men, who claim they were in her company for a short while before they set off to murder Tupac."

XXL has reached out to the Clark County District Attorney's Office in Nevada for comment.

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Tupac Shakur Murder Trial Set for November

The Tupac Shakur killing cold case got a new life last July when police raided Keefe D's Las Vegas-area home, 26 years after the rapper was shot and killed in a drive-by near the Las Vegas strip following a Mike Tyson fight. Keefe D was arrested and charged in connection to the murder last September. A reputed Southside Compton Crip member, Keefe previously admitted to being in the car with the men who fired the shots that killed the rapper in retaliation for one of the men getting jumped by ’Pac and others after the boxing match let out. The other men who were in the car that night, Terrance Brown, Deandre Smith and Orlando Anderson, have since died.

Keefe has been charged with murder with use of a deadly weapon with the intent to promote, further or assist a criminal street gang and is being accused of providing the weapon used in the murder. His trial was originally slated to take place in June but has since been delayed until November.

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