Metal band Falling in Reverse’s Ronnie Radke is again calling out Playboi Carti about the lawsuit he filed against the rapper for using the band's name on merch. Now he's claiming he took 100 percent of the Carti's merch profits as the result of the settlement.

Ronnie Radke Gives Details on Playboi Carti Suit

On Monday (June 10), Radke responded to a user on X, formerly known as Twitter, who questioned if the rock star had in fact sued Carti.

"Put my band name on a shirt, I asked him nicely to take down he can keep the money just take it down," Radke recounted. "He replied 'my bad I got you' left it up, warned him 3 more times he left me on read."

Angered by being ignored, Radke then took legal action. "After sued him, he tried negotiating a small % I said get f**ked I’m taking 100% and also he paying my lawyer fees," Radke continued. "He ultimately settled for 100% sent me all the profit. abd asked me to stop talking about him online. Cause he’s got this rock n roll goth boi image or whatever to uphold. so in shorter terms. playboi carti had to hand me a bag."

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Ronnie Radke's Beef With Playboi Carti

The issue between Playboi Carti and Falling in Reverse started in December of 2020, when the rapper put out T-shirts in the Whole Lotta Red merch line with the band's name on them. This led to the aforementioned lawsuit. This isn't the first time since the lawsuit that Radke has brought up the incident. Back in February, he commented about coming out on top in the Carti suit after the "Magnolia" rapper appeared to take the bag and run during a very brief interview with streamer Adin Ross.

"Playboy carti scamming adin ross out of money isn’t even half of what he had to pay me for selling my band name on his shirt," Radke tweeted about the rumored $2 million Ross spent on the interview.

XXL has reached out to Playboi Carti's team for comment.

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Check out Ronnie Radke detailing his lawsuit with Playboi Carti below.

See Ronnie Radke's Tweet About Playboi Carti

Ronnie Radke calls out Playboi Carti.

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