Rubi Rose and comedian Druski are apparently a thing of the past after the rapper revealed she is single and ready to mingle.

Rubi Rose Announces She's Single

On June 22, Rubi ran into blogger ramboistalking who asked the Kentucky rapper what her favorite love song is. Rubi gave a surprising response in the video that was shared on social media, which can be seen below.

"F*ck love, OK," she said after grabbing the mic. "I'm single, guys," she added before walking off, leaving spectators stunned.

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Rubi Rose and Druski's Short-Lived Courtship

Rubi Rose initially sparked dating rumors with the Coulda Been Records head honcho back in April after the two posted a romantic photo together that shows the comedian caressing Rubi's head as the rapper makes a kissing face at him. Initially thought to be a joke, the two further cemented their relationship with more displays of PDA on social media. Last month, a video of Rubi Rose cooking spaghetti for Druski for dinner went viral. In the clip, she substituted spaghetti sauce with ketchup and is pouring globs of the condiment onto a pan of cooking ground meat. Rubi was clowned for the dish.

"Mane wtf Rubi rose on ketchup don’t go in spaghetti boo ik ts taste just like Shelby county schools lunch," one person on X, formerly known as Twitter, opined.

"Watching Rubi Rose put ketchup in her spaghetti made me gag. That’s some trailer park s**t," another post read.

However, Druski didn't appear to mind. "Yum spaghetti night," he captioned the post.

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See the video of Rubi Rose announcing she is single following her short-lived relationship with comedian Druski below.

Watch Rubi Rose Reveal She Is Single

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