Travis Scott and Southside reportedly got into a wild fight with AE, Tyga's best friend who also happens to be dating singer Cher. Apparently the brawl happened while Tyga was standing nearby.

Brawl Between Travis Scott and Tyga's Friend Breaks Out at Cannes Party

On Friday (May 24), a video surfaced of a brawl breaking out at an after-party event for the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France. The video is dark. However, according to TMZ, the kerfuffle, which can be seen below, involved La Flame, Sizzle and Anthony "AE" Edwards.

According to the celebrity news site, it all started at an event for nightclub tycoon Richie Akiva. Travis and Tyga were behind the DJ booth when Akiva shouted out both of the rappers on the mic. Travis allegedly took offense to being mentioned with Tyga and reportedly took the mic from Akiva, which prompted Tyga's BFF AE to confront the Texas rapper.

Travis reportedly hurled insults at AE and Tyga's security before leaving the scene and returning with Southside. Sizzle and AE, Cher's boyfriend, then got into it and a fight ensued. Trav reportedly got involved, which resulted in all three men tussling across the stage. The melee was eventually broken up by Akiva, who scolded all parties involved.

XXL has reached out to Travis Scott, Tyga and Southside's reps for comment.

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Travis Scott and Tyga Have Beef?

There is speculation that animosity between Travis Scott and Tyga might stem from them both dating Kylie Jenner. Tyga and Kylie dated from 2015 to 2017. A few months after they broke up, Kylie began dating Travis. The couple would go on to have two kids before calling it quits last January.

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Check out the video that reportedly shows Travis Scott and Southside scuffling with Cher's boyfriend Alexander Edward below.

Watch the Wild Brawl Between Travis Scott, Southside and AE

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